Based on the idea of ​​Chinese medicine that "draws out the goodness of the material"
We are particular about manufacturing from the customer's perspective.

At Ito Kampo Pharmaceutical, we are particular about materials based on the Kampo concept of "drawing out the goodness of materials" and always keep in mind "products that can contribute to customers" that change with the times.
We listen to the voices of customers who have purchased the developed products, improve them to better products, and always pursue the best without pride.

Manabu Ito

Prototyping / testing

Development that addresses your worries

Needs survey / market analysis

What is the customer worried about?It is necessary to clarify the customer's worries that change from time to time by conducting a needs survey.In addition, we will consider how we can contribute to solve the problem and create a realization plan.
Next, we will confirm by market analysis what kind of form the material is in the market and whether it can be delivered appropriately to the customer, and after we judge that we can contribute, we will develop it as a product. I will do it.

Collection of raw material information

Commitment to uncompromising materials

Audit to the place of production of raw materials

If necessary after confirming the raw material information, we may actually go to the site to audit the supplier.Since the procurement sources of raw materials are spread all over the world, we will actively visit overseas to confirm "whether the raw materials are made according to the information" and "whether the quality control system is established". increase.

To confirm the safety of raw materials
Collect information through exams and audits

There is a time lag between the time a product is manufactured and the time it reaches the customer, including not only logistics but also the period when it is lined up in stores.For example, if the expiration date is 3 years, the lapse of the 3 years is confirmed by the "time change test. The test is performed using an accelerator that can quickly confirm the change over time by adjusting the temperature and humidity. We also test changes under high and low temperature conditions such as 50 ° C to 0 ° C to check whether microorganisms are increasing or harmful substances are generated. Health foods mainly composed of healthy ingredients That is why I think that various tests and surveys are necessary.

Stakeholders with specialized knowledge gathered
Be careful of unexpected cases.

Implementation of "Study Group on Safety and Validity of Raw Materials and Products"

It is the person in charge of the raw material who confirms the information of the raw material, but it is also checked by the persons concerned including the quality assurance office and the pharmaceutical affairs office.For example, in the case of raw materials related to the sea, we are examining the safety and validity of items that cannot be checked by the normal format alone, such as having to pay attention to marine pollution.

Display of product package

Check the display firmly from the customer's perspective.

Create a display using the actual product

Indications such as "How to eat" and "Caution" are created after actually using the product.From the same perspective as the customer, we try to display the package appropriately so as not to cause misunderstandings.

Display in accordance with various laws and regulations

While paying attention to laws and regulations such as the Food Sanitation Law, the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, and the Gift Labeling Law, we try to make the labeling easy for customers.As for the content, we will check whether allergy information is overlooked while comparing it with materials such as raw material information documents as well as laws and regulations.