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Easy yoga that you can do at home, taught by asami teacher
"Prepare your autonomic nerves and make the change of season smooth!"


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With the air of autumn in the air these days, are you feeling sluggish or lacking motivation?Asami-sensei introduced a recommended pose for such a situation.Feeling refreshed, no doubt!?

It is said that the autonomic nerves are affected by irregular life and stress, as well as temperature differences and atmospheric pressure changes at the turn of the season.Disturbances in the autonomic nervous system may be the cause of irritability, inability to sleep at night, and difficulty concentrating.

Relax your mind and body in the gasseki pose

It is important for the autonomic nervous system to maintain a good balance between the sympathetic nervous system, which activates the mind and body, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body.However, the function of the parasympathetic nervous system may decline with age.
Gasseki pose (Badha Konasana) works the muscles around the pelvis, especially the hip joints.Together with deep breathing, it calms the sympathetic nerves and leads to a relaxed state where the parasympathetic nerves are dominant.It can also be expected to relieve discomfort during menstruation and relieve coldness and swelling.


When you sit cross-legged, put the soles of your feet together and open your knees outward.
Pull your heels toward your pubic bone as much as possible.


Insert your thumbs into the soles of your feet and place the remaining four toes on the tops of your feet, then inhale and straighten your spine.


Then, as you exhale, point the soles of your feet toward the ceiling as if you were opening a book.
Inhale again and lengthen your spine.


As you exhale, bend your body forward.Once you've knocked it over, place your hands in front of you.Hold the position for 5 breaths.


Walk your hands toward your body and slowly rise so that your head is the last one.

One point advice from asami-sensei!

When you feel tired or stressed, first take a deep breath.Enjoying and relaxing with your favorite aroma and music, and regulating the intestinal environment are also effective in regulating the autonomic nervous system.Try incorporating it with yoga.

It is recommended to do Gasseki pose at night before going to bed.Keep your autonomic nerves in order and live a comfortable life.


asami teacher

He is active as a yoga instructor and personal trainer with the aim of fundamental improvement and mental and physical care, not just from the outside.Don't be too patient with the refreshing method, and enjoy eating delicious food.A family of three and one, her husband and two-year-old son, Miniature Schnauzer.

  • National Yoga Alliance RYT200
  • Completed Maternity Yoga TT
  • Completed postpartum yoga TT
  • Uterine warm yoga certified instructor
  • AEA certified esthetician

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