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Use Q&A

About recruitment and selection

Please tell me the selection method and schedule
Selections are made at any time.Please contact the Management Department.
In addition, the selection method will be the flow of document screening, interview with the person in charge, submission of assignments, and interview with officers.
What kind of talent are you looking for?
We are looking for a type that burns by itself.
Do you have an internship?
Currently under consideration.
I would like to visit the workplace, is it possible?
Yes, we will guide you.
I would like to visit an OB / OG. Can you introduce me?
We are sorry, but we are not accepting it at this time.
I am an international student, can I apply?
Yes, you can apply.
Do you hire people with disabilities?
Yes, we are.
Can students who have already graduated from university apply?
Yes, you can apply.

About personnel and education system

Do you have a transfer or business trip?
Yes, there is.
How is the assigned department decided?
After joining the company, after training, the place of assignment will be decided.
What do you do in the training after joining the company?
We provide general, etiquette training, manufacturing training at factories, one-on-one training at the place of assignment, and other training as needed.
Is there a qualification acquisition support system?
There is no support system, but the company will assist you if you have the necessary qualifications.

About benefits

Please tell me about benefits
There are subsidies for human dogs, employee trips, in-house events, uniform rental, supplement distribution, sales of in-house products at employee prices, etc.
Please tell me about the maternity leave / childcare leave system.
Maternity leave, childcare leave, etc. are stipulated in compliance with laws and regulations, and are used by many employees.