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Life maintenance

Ito Chinese image character Kuromaru-kun

How is everyone?I am a new i-Link member.It is nice to meet you! !!

Energetic, but a little sissy.New employees who are worried about metabolic syndrome.The goal is to make people around the world healthy!

What is Kuromaru-kun's i-Link?

"I-Link" is one of the departments of Ito Hanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which actively disseminates information on health.

The department name of "i-Link" is to connect many people by combining the pronunciation of love and the acronym "i" of Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical as a human figure and combining it with "Link". It contains a wish for.

Sending to Facebook is part of that!From Higashi Osaka to the world!
We aim to expand "connection (i-Link)"! !!

Kuromaru Q & A

What did you eat to become a metabolic syndrome?(Imoko, female, 20s)

Fresh cream and happy turn!Yeah, no doubt!

How can I be positive?(Sumire blog, female, 30s)

Think positively about everything.
Time will solve your unpleasant and worrisome things ^^ b
Yeah, no doubt!

Which school is pudding or jelly?(Sai, female, teenager)


Do you have a girlfriend v (≧ ∇ ≦) v(Com, male, 60s)

It's a secret ♪

What is your favorite type of Kuromaru-kun?(Nata, female, 30s)

If you are 142 to XNUMX years old ♀, everyone loves it regardless of their personality ♪

Is Kuromaru-kun's coat fluffy?(Tanaka cat, female, 20s)

Buff buff past Mofumofu ♪

What is Kuromaru-kun's recommended date course?(Mai1205, female, 20s)

It is recommended that you drive a little to the countryside, have a delicious local meal, and then talk while watching the "stars of the sky" on the mountain!Kuromaru usually works in Osaka, so I love the local starry sky ♪

Are you in good health?Did you ever get worse and improve?(Chocolate panda, female, 40s)

I'm hungry with metabolic syndrome ...
I used to have a stomachache and my intestines popped out. (White line hernia, also known as inguinal hernia) I had it cured by surgery ^^;

Do you have any ambitions?(Poo, female, 30s)

To beat Totoro.Yeah, no doubt!

How can I be cute?(Raffy, female, 30s)

All right, you're cute enough!Yeah, no doubt!

What is Kuromaru-kun made of?(Sachi, female, 30s)

Protein and a lot of passion

What would you do if you became "Shiromaru-kun"?(Katakori, female, 20s)

On a homepage with a white background, the body will be assimilated, so you can dye it with gray hair.